Nasal plastic surgery


Nose is the highest position of facial features, so has a certain degree relationship with the facial dimensional, nasal plastic surgery is not simply heighten or shrink, must meet the facial features, face shape, skin and surgery personal ideas in order to achieve a suitable angle and lines.
Nasal plastic surgery is divided into "traditional rhinoplasty" and "Korean rhinoplasty", the degree of both surgery is significantly different:
The technical level of "Traditional rhinoplasty" is low, short operation time, low cost, shorter recovery period, change small, poor stability.
The technical level of "Korean rhinoplasty" is high, long operation time, high cost, longer recovery period, the change is big, high stability.
Korean-style rhinoplasty, a better statement should be called "structural reorganization of rhinoplasty", that is, the according to the nose organization, do the surgery to separate, re-combination, in order to achieve a substantial transformation of the nose-shaped purpose.
Traditional rhinoplasty, only the nasal mold to join the body, do not change the nose tissue structure, the change is small, only suitable for the patient with very good condition.
Korean rhinoplasty VS traditional rhinoplasty
歪鼻樑 歪鼻樑
* 鼻翼肥厚
* 寬鼻樑
The better way to saying Korean rhinoplasty should be called "structural reorganization of rhinoplasty", also known as "two-stage rhinoplasty", that is, to do the nose surgery separation and re-combination according to the tissue structure, in order to achieve the purpose of substantial transformation the shape of nose.
Traditional rhinoplasty only adds the nasal mold into the body, do not change the nose tissue structure and the change is small. It is suitable for the operation patient in good condition.

There is also a significant distinction between the two surgical techniques level
Korean rhinoplastyTraditional rhinoplasty
High technical levelLow technical level
Long operation timeShort operation time
High costLow cost
Long recovery periodShort recovery period
Change bigChange small
High stabilityPoor stability

"Two-stage rhinoplasty" in accordance with the nasal tissue structure, divided into bridge of the nose and nose two blocks, respectively, with different surgical methods to transform, in line with human structure, therefore, long-term stability. The bridge of the nose is composed of nasal bone, belong to a hard structure. Nose is composed of nasal cartilage, belong to a soft structure. The most important spirit of this operation is that different structures create by different materials respectively.
The nose part belongs to a hard structure, which is suitable for selection of artificial model. Model appearance appears I-shaped, so, "two-stage rhinoplasty" also known as "type I rhinoplasty." The current model used in this clinic is the Cameron model. It is a silicone core, the outer coating Gore-Tex film, belonging to the composite material model. Nose belongs to soft nature, so choose autologous cartilage to meet the nose soft features. Practices include strengthening the supportive force and modifying the nasal cartilage in two parts. Autologous cartilage is first used to strengthen the support force, not directly added to the original nasal cartilage. Autologous cartilage is used at the end of the nasal septal cartilage, as an extension to strengthen the original nasal cartilage support force, nose shape is still present by the original nasal cartilage, to achieve the natural and stable high effect. This is the closest approach, but some people nasal septum is too low, or nasal cartilage is too soft, after the end of the nasal septum is extended, not high enough, put the remaining autologous cartilage on the nasal cartilage to achieve the high purpose. In this case, the nose shape is not the original nasal cartilage appearance, shape is very dependent on physician technology and sense of beauty, so the nose good-looking or not, is the physician decision, not the material decision, the material can only determine the touch and long-term stability.

* 結構重組式隆鼻(可愛型)
結構重組式隆鼻(成熟型) 結構重組式隆鼻(成熟型)
傳統隆鼻 傳統隆鼻 
In some cases, the original nasal cartilage is too large, too round, poor lines, must modify the nasal cartilage, in order to make the nose meticulous. Structural change is the most important spirit of Korean rhinoplasty, the traditional rhinoplasty ignores these, and so have the difference.
In addition, bridge of the nose and nose must match the facial features, face shape, skin and surgery personal ideas, in order to achieve a suitable angle and lines, not simply only increase or shrink so simple. This practice, the doctor must work hard to build the nose, in line with the nose softness, but also has the effect of support, better long-term stability. But the use of artificial models of the bridge of nose, cannot completely rule out the possibility of rejection or infection, is the only uncertainty risk sources in this operation. If the infection occurs, you must remove the model, although the bridge of the nose lost support, the nose part is still retained, the appearance of the difference is not too large, and the impact is less obvious.
"Traditional rhinoplasty", also known as "L-type rhinoplasty", the use of L-shaped model, create the bridge of nose and nose in one, no structural distinction. This approach, bridge of the nose and nose support all rely on the model, the physician without too much effort, how high wanted to be, how high as it has. But does not match the cartilage structure, the nose is easy to be thin by the brace of the model, in long-term has the risk of perforation, or can see the nasal mold. Some physicians will put cartilage at the tip of the L model, strengthen the resistance to stress, reduce the risk of perforation, but there are still easy to see the appearance of distress. This approach also uses artificial models, or is the risk of rejection or infection uncertainty. In case of infection, the model removed, the entire nose lost support, the large change of appearance, the impact is more obvious.
* 鼻翼軟骨對縫術前
* 鼻翼軟骨對縫術後

鼻中隔延長術前 鼻中隔延長術前
鼻中隔延長術後 鼻中隔延長術前


玻尿酸注射 玻尿酸注射
玻尿酸注射 玻尿酸注射

玻尿酸注射前 玻尿酸注射前
玻尿酸注射後 玻尿酸注射後

Turbinate cartilage surgery
Nose and nose wing shape is mainly supported by the "inferior turbinate cartilage".
Change the nose shape, sometimes need to modify the inferior turbinate cartilage:
Inferior turbinate cartilage narrowing
Left and right inferior turbinate cartilage chalking
Partial resection of inferior turbinate cartilage
This is also one of the important steps of the Korean rhinoplasty.

鼻翼軟骨對縫 術前 鼻翼軟骨對縫
鼻翼軟骨對縫 術後 鼻翼軟骨對縫

Nasal septum prolonged surgery
Nasal septum is a cartilage structure, located at the bottom of the nose, supporting the whole structure of the nose and segmental the left and right respiratory function. Wish to achieve the purpose of increasing the height of the nose, the first primary work stable foundation, the nose foundation is the nasal septal cartilage. Oriental nasal septum cartilage is usually not long enough, so the nose is not as straight up as the Westerners, the nasal septum extension surgery is from this concept.
Nasal septal extension surgery - surgeons must have structural rhinoplasty ability, the nose structure to do the nose structure details of separation.
Nasal septal extension surgery requires the use of autologous cartilage for extension, commonly used autologous cartilage including: ear cartilage, nasal septal cartilage, and rib cartilage, physicians must be from the operation of personal conditions and subjective wishes to make the appropriate choice.
Ear cartilageNasal septal cartilageRib cartilage
The softestThe HardestHard enough
Enough amountEnough amountOriental people often lack of regularity
Easy to getNot easy to getinconvenient to get
Low destructiveHigh destructiveHigh destructive
High utilization rateThe lowest utilization rateUtilization rate is not high
Support not enoughThe best supportSupport is better than ear cartilage
 Short nose or overturned nose best choice 
鼻中隔延長手術 術前 鼻中柱加強
鼻中隔延長手術 術後 鼻中柱加強
Preoperative precautions
Before surgery, please look at the following contents and explain, mark the unclear place, and communicate with the physician at the clinic.
一、Preoperative precautions
  • The clinic accept scheduled surgery date three months in advance, and is retained until the last week for the final confirm, If the clinic is unable to confirm for the time being, the clinic may transfer the scheduled date to another surgery patient.
  • Surgical X-ray and physical examination should be completed one week in advance, the most urgent need three days to complete. (This clinic must accept the medical report of other medical institutions, must be within three months, and meet the requirements of surgical examination items.
  • X-ray and physical examination results will be informed by telephone to the surgery patient, meets the surgical safety standards then can confirm the operation; does not meet the standard, it is recommended to give up surgery, or to suspend surgery. Re-test after three months, if still does not meet the standard, it is recommended to give up surgery.
  • Try to relax and stay physically before surgery, stop all noninvasive drug intake, including diet pills, anticoagulant drugs or traditional Chinese medicine, and nutritional supplements for unknown ingredients.
  • One day before the operation, the clinic will interview by telephone to remind the anesthesia before the note, and do the surgery final confirmation.
  • Surgery patient should arrange at least one week after surgery necessities of life,  avoid inconvenient going out after postoperative swelling. (For facial bone surgery to be prepared with liquid food and children's toothbrush)
  • Do not drive yourself on the day of anesthesia. Please arrange for family or friends for transfer, or the clinic will arrange for transportation.
  • Remember to carry sunglasses, hats, masks or scarves when perform a facial surgery, convenient for cover when return home, to avoid embarrassment.
二、Take the initiative to inform the physician whether the abnormal physiological condition or disease, including:
□  Is there a cardiovascular disease (e.g. arrhythmia)?
□  Is there abnormal bleeding (e.g. bleeding)?
□  Are there facial vascular abnormalities (e.g. hemangioma)?
□  Are there facial nerve dysfunction, or facial expression abnormalities?
□  Is there any drug allergy or other allergies?
□  Are there infectious diseases (such as hepatitis C, AIDS, tuberculosis)?
□  Have you took any other surgery?
□  Are there foreign bodies implanted in the body?
□  Is there an adverse anesthesia response record (including other family members)?
□  Is there any other major disease or genetic disease?
三、The need for facial bone surgery to complete the following preoperative examination items

A. X-ray photography:
  • P-A View
  • Cephalometric View
  • Panoramic View
B. Physical examination:
  1. Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  2. Blood test
  • General blood test (CBC routine)
  • Prothrombin Time (PT)
  • APTT
  • Blood type
  • Rh factor
  • Glucose AC
  • Cholesterol
  • Liver function (GOT / GPT or AST / ALT)
  • Renal function (BUN, Creatinine)
  • Hepatitis B (HBsAg)
C. Urine examination
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